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How It Works For The Beta Readers

A community of passionate readers who want to help shape the stories of tomorrow.

The Beta Reader Process

Beta reading can be a different experience for everyone, but here are some of the key phases, tips, and what to expect.

Why Beta Read?

If reading is your passion and/or you're considering getting into the literary/storytelling field's many career options, then beta reading is perfect for you! Not only do you learn a lot about the writing process, but you are the first to discover and help shape new stories.

A Voluntary Service

Offering to beta read someone book is generally a voluntary service but it is customary for writers to send beta readers a copy of the book when it is published. There are advanced beta readers who go beyond providing their insights and feedback who do charge a fee for their work.

Your Purpose

Writers want to get the perspective of beta readers to see how their story, world, and characters are landing. The provided feedback will help writers improve their WIP so they can publish with all their story ducks in a row. Writers will look for commonalities in the feedback to decide what to change.


Writers will often provide you with questions or surveys and it is your mission to provide honest and constructive feedback on how you felt. Beyond insights and feedback, you are not required to spellcheck or line editing but are welcome to do what you're comfortable with.

Finding A WIP

Storyfolk has made it easier for you to find stories that match what you're interested. Use the search library to find a promising WIP that sparks your interest, view the details, and connect with the writer to see if you're a good fit for each other! You can both agree on a turn-around time.

The Steps

Once you have have connected with the writer, you will receive the manuscript PDF or link so you can start reading away. Throughout your reading process you will have specific questions to answer. At the end of the process you can provide your final thoughts & review the writer.