A woman moves into a new city to excape her tragic past and start a new life but her past doesnt want to let her go


  • Age Group:Adult (18+)
  • Manuscript TypePartial Manuscript
  • Draft Number:First Draft (spell-checked)
  • Word Count (Rounded Up):Up to 10,000 words
  • Spice Level3 Peppers (regular spice)

Primary Genre:

  • Romance

Themes & Tropes

  • Contemporary
  • Drama
  • Enemies-To-Lovers
  • Multi POV

Requirements & Requests

i really need honest feedbacks and correction of the work

Comparable Stories:

Office romance

Trigger Warnings:

suicide, sexual assualt, rape, murder, stalking, domestic violence, mutiliation

Manuscript Format

  • Word Online
  • DOC or .DOCX

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