Broken Pencils

Jonah Tarver, a troubled Oakland teenager grappling with his parents' troubled marriage, his own mental disorder, and the weight of his best friend's death, embarks on a desperate quest to find meaning in life. On his eighteenth birthday, coinciding with his Senior prom, Jonah, along with his girlfriend Taniesha, his best friend Trevon, and a group of peers, spirals into a night of reckless indulgence in drugs and alcohol in the vibrant city of San Francisco. As tensions escalate and emotions run high, Jonah finds himself thrust into a gripping twelve-hour journey through the dark underbelly of San Francisco's nightlife, forever altering his perception of the world. Will Jonah uncover the purpose he so desperately seeks, or will he discover that life, like broken pencils, may have no point?


  • Age Group:Young Adult (13-18)
  • Manuscript TypeFull Manuscript
  • Draft Number:Final Draft
  • Word Count (Rounded Up):Up to 50,000
  • Spice LevelNo Spice

Primary Genre:

  • Fiction

Themes & Tropes

  • Contemporary
  • Diverse Voices

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