First fell from Heaven​,​ than fell for you

Adam, the first man and one-time darling of heaven, suddenly finds himself on earth - banished and lost. His only wish is to go back to heaven. But the world he plunged into is proving harder than expected. By stupid chance, he meets Noah, a stripper and prostitute who is pretty much the opposite of everything the church stands for. Noah hates Adam at first sight, because to him Adam is an arrogant, superficial idiot who thinks he is something better. Conversely, Adam sees in Noah everything that the Church abhors: a sinful life without morality and faith. Their mutual dislike seems insurmountable. But when one of the seven deadly sins is found dead, the tide turns. Adam senses that something is wrong in heaven and humanity is in danger. A dark mystery must be solved that threatens the balance between heaven and earth. Reluctantly, Adam and Noah must work together to unravel the mystery. Adam needs Noah’s help more than he cares. As they fight together against the dark forces, Adam inevitably has to ask himself whether the values he once believed in may be out of date. Or why does his heart suddenly start beating faster once he is near Noah?


  • Age Group:New Adult (18-25)
  • Manuscript TypePartial Manuscript
  • Draft Number:First Draft (spell-checked)
  • Word Count (Rounded Up):Up to 5,000 words
  • Spice Level4 Peppers (extra spice)

Primary Genre:

  • Fiction
  • Fantasy
  • Mystery | Thriller | Crime
  • Romance

Themes & Tropes

  • Action & Adventure
  • Complex World Building
  • Dark
  • Drama
  • Enemies-To-Lovers
  • Humour | Comedy
  • Morally Grey
  • Romantasy
  • 18+

Trigger Warnings:

Dear Readers, if you have decided on this story, you should seriously reconsider your reading taste, or (and I recommend this to each of you!) seek urgent professional help. Seriously, why did you click here?! What is wrong with you?! Who wants to read about gay angels?!!! Little fun Xd of course I am happy about every:n reader:in ; nevertheless a little note: the following story contains scenes in which violence, sex, drug abuse, mental health problems and sexual abuse play a role. In addition, religious views within the history are thematized and sometimes processed in a satirical manner. If these topics trigger and​/​or don’t appeal to you, don’t read these story. For those who have not yet been deterred: have fun!

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