Through the mangroves

Pamela was a lifestyle blogger, women's rights activist and IT girl extraordinaire disconnected from the world against her will. Locked up, lied against, her life stolen to appease a family curse. In an effort to escape her fate, she attempted to broadcast the details of her situation. However, the story was reedited, managed and she found out just how little and insignificant she really was, how powerless. To restore her standing with the family, it was agreed that she should apologize for revealing the secret, completely recant her words, lie about why she would make up such a thing and blame herself that such a thing ever crossed her mind. Rather than give up her dignity, she had a plan to run away, to use her own money to leave, potentially hide out with her mother's family before fleeing the country. However, she was caught at the bus station by the enemy's men, blindfolded and taken to a strange house. There the men held her down while the enemy injected liquid madness into her. She woke up a year later, but it could have been a century, for time had no meaning in the dark, gray place. Her entire being a speck of dust, the rest of her was rage, a red purple mass of churning inferno that resembled bruised flesh and blood. But most importantly, she was a coward. Threats were made, former allies had been severely punished and she was too weak to fight back, too afraid to die. But, out of madness, born of the improbable mix of rage, cowardice and something else came a gift. A door. A way out. Out of feelings she didn't want, actions she couldn't control, out of the body turned prison. A body she wasn't entirely sure was hers and into another's. She could leave her body and return to it at will.


  • Age Group:Adult (18+)
  • Manuscript TypePartial Manuscript
  • Draft Number:Final Draft
  • Word Count (Rounded Up):Up to 80,000
  • Spice Level1 Pepper (hardly any spice)

Primary Genre:

  • Fiction
  • Fantasy
  • Mystery | Thriller | Crime
  • Romance
  • Historical Fiction

Themes & Tropes

  • Action & Adventure
  • Dark
  • Horor
  • Morally Grey
  • Mythology
  • Multi POV
  • Paranormal
  • Urban
  • Villain POV
  • Witches | Vampires | Werwolves
  • 18+

Requirements & Requests

Find plot holes, unclear language

Comparable Stories:

Very loosely inspired by the Hades and Persephone mythology, this is based on West African mythology, the setting is a fictional Port Harcourt in Nigeria and several fictitious islands around the Niger delta and Atlantic ocean. There's witches, curses, a prestigious criminal family with ancient roots and near unlimited power. My inspirations include for this: The Mortal Instruments by Cassandre Clare, Manacled by Senliyu, Hades and Persephone, Papa Midnite (DC comics), Constantine (DC comics, movie and that short lived but highly entertaining TV series) American horror story: Coven, etc Tropes: Found family, Betrayal, almost lovers to enemies and back again, descent into madness, loose second chance romance, we're all villains here, kidnapped, African folklore and mythology, Mafia, witches, ritual magic, ancestral magic, dual timeline POV

Trigger Warnings:

This is very dark, so please stay safe. There are tough themes being explored here, so far, the trigger warnings include but are not limited to Sexual assault, parental abuse, drug use, alcohol use and abuse, suicidal thoughts and ideation, threatened child harm, gore and others I probably haven't identified yet. I try my best to write around said issues rather than 'glorify' them.

Manuscript Format

  • DOC or .DOCX

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