Total Eclipse | Middlegrade Fantasy

It is ECLIPSE-Fest in the Town of Shinglepits which promises to be the most exciting event in 250 years! Little do the residents know that their lives are in danger from an unseen asteroid hurtling towards the land. Flick and Joey are on a class trip to the Shinglehill Observatory to watch the Total Eclipse. However, the mysterious River of Power that lies beneath the town, and Three fabled Sages, have other plans for them. The young adventurers must navigate through the Elemental Labarynth and ride the ‘sands of time’ to locate three amulets that have the potential to save the town. But will there be enough time? This is a super fast paced book and the second instalment in the Shinglepits Series brings Flick and Joey together again. Why do these strange things keep happening to them? Could they really be the Chosen Ones? This is a Magical Middle-grade adventure for fans of Percy Jackson and the Chronicles of Narnia. This is the second book in the Shinglepits Series.


  • Age Group:Middle Grade (8-12)
  • Manuscript TypeFull Manuscript
  • Draft Number:First Draft (spell-checked)
  • Word Count (Rounded Up):Up to 10,000 words
  • Spice LevelNo Spice

Primary Genre:

  • Fantasy

Themes & Tropes

  • Action & Adventure

Requirements & Requests

Read and answer some helpful questions.

Comparable Stories:

Narnia. Goosebumps pace.

Trigger Warnings:


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